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The webcam is located at in the inland in a height of 16 m NHN. The webcam image is broadcasted live (<1min or stream) and an archive is avaiable. The ground is visible for a clear identification of precipitation. The Sky is clearly visible to see clouds and weather. Die Webcam befindet sich auf einem ehemaligen Forschungsgelände für Raketen, teilweise auch "Fort Churchill" (nach der nahegelegenen, ehemaligen Kaserne) genannt. Hier wurden seit 1954 Raketen zur Erforschung der Atmosphäre gestartet. Der Ort besitzt eine perfekte Lage, um Nordlichter beobachten zu können. This webcam is located at the former rocket launch site, sometimes also referred to as "Fort Churchill" - named after a former military base. Since 1954 rockets have been launched to study the upper atmosphere. The place has a perfect location for watching northern lights.

Sunrise: UTC 09:32 CEST 11:32
Sunset: UTC 02:51 CEST 04:51

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