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My e-mail address is gone and I forgot my password. What now?

No worries - contact us, we'll help you.

Notes for the login technique

During the login, a socalled Cookie is created.The cookie is a text file on your computer, that allows the recognition by the Camuo server. Easily said, if you are logged in and who you are.

Camuo uses common modern security instalments. This includes, that your original password is not saved in a cookie, neither it is saved in our database without encryption.Furthermore, an advanced session management leads to dis-functionality of your old logins and to the possibility of logging out with all devices ever used to login.

It's important to say that we only use the cookies to administrate the logins. We create statistics, but without cookies or other questionable methods. We only use Google Adsense/Analytics for optimising our advertisements and our serverbased access statistics for improving our services.

If you log out, your cookie will be completely deleted and not as using social networks, it won't stay on your device.

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